Fact or Fiction

Fiction: Nicotine is bad for you.
Fact: The long-term use of nicotine is exponentially safer than the use of tobacco products across the board.

Nicotine often suffers from guilt-by-association with tobacco.

According to the Centers for Control and Prevention, “The information about nicotine as a carcinogen is inconclusive.”

Those at the New York State Quitline for tobacco cigarettes say nicotine does not cause cancer.
“Q: Does nicotine cause cancer?
A: NO, Tar in cigarette smoke causes cancer. But, Nicotine is an addictive drug. It is NOT the nicotine in cigarette smoke that causes cancer. Nicotine may keep you smoking, but it is the other bad chemicals in cigarettes that make smoking so dangerous.”

A study posted online in 2009 by NCIB, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, found that nicotine replacement therapy does not cause cancer.

The Department of Medicine at University Hospital in Tronheim, Norway preformed a study on the effect of inhaled nicotine and found no “…harmful effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation.

According to The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), studies have indicated that nicotine is not a carcinogen, as a substance isolated from tobacco, containing scores of carcinogens. Nicotine does not promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue and has no mutagenic properties.

The Royal College of Physicians says that there are no grounds to suspect appreciable long-term adverse effects on health from the long-term use of nicotine.



Fiction: Vaping can’t help you quit cigarettes

Fact: Vaping has helped a countless number of people say goodbye to tobacco cigarettes

The American Lung Association states in an article updated March, 2015 that the organization is “concerned about the potential health consequences of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), as well as the unproven claims that they can be used to help smokers quit.”

We’d like the American Lung Association to explain what is unproven about the effectiveness of vaping to the dozens of Cheaha Vapes customers who testify to the opposite.

Here’s a short list of people in our community who directly disagree with the American Lung Association’s comment.

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